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Product of the Month: May 2024

For Christmas, Immy was given this lovely Koseli felt purse. She loves to use the purse to buy a little something now and again (usually Lanka Kade figures)! She is so independent and loves to do things herself and being able to choose a figure is something she loves. It has given her a boost in confidence when talking to other people and learning how buying things in shops works. Equally, she loves to role play shops and will often fill her purse up with play money at home, which we take turns to spend. These Koseli felt purses are Fair Trade and come in a variety of super designs, all based on animals and nature.

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We are gradually compiling a selection of snuggly hand knitted products from newborn socks to jumpers, as well as some colourful crocheted ponchos - Imogen's Great Granny's speciality. 

We want to be as sustainable as possible as we believe that we need to look after the world around us. Due to this, you will currently only see a limited range of products in our hand made section.

We are currently researching and trialling a variety of different natural, sustainable and responsibly sourced yarns to ensure that you still receive a high quality, soft product but that we have minimal impact on the world.