Our Brands

We have carefully selected some of our favourite brands for you. As we continue to expand the brands an products we offer, we will continue to ensure they meet our high standards! We hope you like them as much as we do.

  • Baba+Boo

    Baba+Boo are a UK reusable nappy brand who are well known for their brilliant pocket nappies. Everything at Baba+Boo revolves around the huge amount of waste that disposable nappies create and they demonstrate that living consciously can be simple. They believe we all have the power to change the world we live in simply by caring.

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  • Bells Bumz

    Bells Bumz are a UK reusable nappy brand who create comfortable and reliable products with affordability at the heart of the brand. Bells Bumz All In One nappies are well known for being super absorbant and quick to dry. Reusabelles are the Bells Bumz premium range and their fitted nappies and covers are a very popular night nappy option.

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  • Bonikka

    Bonikka is a special part of Tikiri Toys. These beautiful, handcrafted and cuddly dolls have been created from a love of family. These dolls have been designed to be passed down again and again. They donate a portion of every Bonikka sale to the Viharamahadevi Centre of Child Development, in Sri Lanka, to support the girls who live there. 

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  • The Bonnie Mob

    The Bonnie Mob are a sustainable and organic clothing brand for baby and children. They prioritise high quality materials and their clothes are made to last. They have the motto 'Buy once, buy well, pass it on'. The Bonnie Mob are based in Hove and they are certified by both The Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS).

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  • Bright Bots

    Bright Bots are a UK based designer and manufacturer for parents that want a little colour in their lives. Offering a range of coloured baby and toddler reusable cloth nappies and essentials from terry towelling squares to potty training pants. With every colour in the rainbow, Bright Bots is made for everyone to enjoy!

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  • Button & Squirt

    Created and printed in the UK by Ria, Button & Squirt are inspired by her two children. She draws unusual animals from around the world to create amazing fact cards, colouring books and games to teach kids (and adults) all about the animals that we share the earth with, to hopefully help them to fall in love and want to protect them for the future. 

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  • Close

    Close started in 2004 and is a UK based brand who specialise in reusable nappies and baby wearing. They make products that are inspired by the world around us, sensitively made and environmentally conscious. Their Pop-in two part nappies are award winning, easy to use and made from recycled plastic bottles!

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  • Cotton Twist

    Cotton Twist believe in the magic of childhood imagination. Their craft kits are designed to transport both kids and adults back to a time when creativity knew no bounds. The kits are made from recycled and recyclable materials, all wooden components are FSC certified. All Cotton Twist products are designed and made in their studio in West London.

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  • Floss and Rock

    Founded in 2016 by husband and wife team Tim and Gill, Floss and Rock is based in Blackpool, famous for its candy 'Floss' and sticks of 'Rock'. Playing on traditional designs and play values avoiding 'tech' and 'plastics' all products are exclusively designed by their own in-house team.

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  • Green Island

    Green Island is a stylish, high quality plastic free brand of products for the home. Created in 2019 to help people make the switch more easily from single use plastics, they have created a range of baby and toddler feeding essentials!

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  • Halilit

    Halilit's products feature an array of educational and developmental benefits and help to develop and satisfy happy, lively children. All of their products comply with all safety regulations, ensuring safe and fun play for your children. Their instruments are perfect for developing your little one's love of music and rhythm.

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  • Happy Little Doers

    Happy Little Doers began in 2020 when Mum of two, Kate, realised there was a gap in the market for high quality flashcards to support little ones love of learning. These flash cards are made from sustainable paper with vegan friendly deinkable inks which means they can be safely removed prior to recycling!

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  • imogen ruby

    imogen ruby is our hand-made range of knitted and crocheted products. We carefully select our yarn to ensure a soft feel against little one's skin whilst also considering the environmental implications. We use a range of recycled and natural yarns in a variety of colours to create our products for you to love!

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  • Jumini

    Jumini is a UK based business creating brightly coloured, sustainable, wooden toys aimed to support your little one's development. Their toys are made by an environmentally conscious manufacturer which ensure that they are environmentally conscious, meet the highest quality and highest safety standards.

    All Jumini Products 
  • Kite

    Kite's brightly coloured clothes are inspired by the world around us. Kite's clothes are made to the highest quality and environmental standards. All their clothes are made from organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles or fabrics approved by OEKO-TEX. They are proud to be Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified.

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  • Koseli

    Koseli aims to be transparent and ethical in every way. Their felt mobiles and purses are made by hand in small workshops in Kathmandu and all employees work under fair trade conditions and flexibly so they are able to support their families. The felt is made from 100% wool which is felted and dyed using azo free dyes.

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  • Lanka Kade

    Lanka Kade is a fair trade wooden toy company founded in 1994 and specialises in beautifully crafted wooden animals, characters, puzzles and more! Their toys all meet and exceed the EN71 toy safety and standard directive.
    The name Lanka Kade translates to ‘The Sri Lankan Shop’.

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  • Little Green Radicals

    Little Green Radicals began with the simple idea of making beautiful children's clothing. From the beginning their clothes have always been organic and Fairtrade. We are energised by a desire to improve what we make, the way we treat the people who make it and our impact on the environment.

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  • Lydia Mae Design

    Lydia creates gorgeous hand designed cards and artwork. These are eco friendly, printed in the UK using green energy and with vegan friendly ink onto recyclable card. She avoids unnecessary plastic packaging on her products and uses recycled tissue paper and stickers to wrap her cards and prints.

    All Lydia Mae Design Products 
  • Muslinz

    MuslinZ is based in Oxfordshire, UK. They take great care to work sustainably and ethically. All their factories are ISO and Oeko Tex certified and all their products are made to Oeko Tex 100 standard. Their Organic cotton fabrics are made with GOTS Certified thread.

    All Muslinz Products 
  • Pebblechild

    All Pebble products are made by Hathay Bunano. Hathay Bunano, meaning hand made or hand knitted in Bangla, is a non-profit fair trade organisation in Bangladesh. It's mission is to create fairly paid, good quality, flexible and local employment for rural women who are poor and often disadvantaged.

    All Pebblechild Products 
  • Primo

    PRIMO is Morocolor's diverse range of sustainable art materials. Morocolor, an Italian family business with over 90 years of expertise, emphasises quality, safety, and sustainability in their art materials. The factory where the products are made runs on 100% green energy (powered by solar) and holds FSC certification for its cardboard packaging.

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  • Priya & Peanut

    The Priya and Peanut journey began in July 2019 when the owners came across an article about the importance of babies seeing high contrasting colours (black and white initially and then other colours) for their eye and brain development and began designing a variety of different high contrast images.

    All Priya & Peanut Products 
  • ReCycleMe

    They believe in a world where children & their parents become more aware of the amount of rubbish they produce, a world where children help to reduce this, by recycling or re-using. Each ReCycleMe box is a ‘one stop shop’ for parents, grandparents, or friends, taking all the hassle and expense out of craft projects.

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  • Rosa & Bo

    We invite you to meet Rosa and her pet bunny, Bo. Creators of beautiful British-designed sensory toys and nursery products, it was developed with a clear understanding of early childhood cognitive development and a first-hand appreciation for the fundamental importance of toy safety.

    All Rosa & Bo Products 
  • Scratch

    Scratch offers beautifully designed, sturdy puzzles and games for children from 12 months and above. Each puzzle is made from recycled card and the manufacturer is gradually moving to the use of soya-based inks across the entire product range, making this a truly eco-friendly and sustainable choice.

    All Scratch Products 
  • Splash About

    Splash About are the leading manufacturer of baby swimwear worldwide! Their most famous and well-loved invention is, of course, the Happy Nappy™. It is regarded as the most trustworthy swim nappy for preventing faecal leaks into the pool and a Happy Nappy™ product is insisted upon by 90% of UK Swim Schools.

    All Splash About Products 
  • Studio Circus

    These beautiful wooden toys are made to high standards, using FSC certified wood.  The range is design-led, with the emphasis on gender neutral pastels and a set of friendly safari animal characters.  These toys aim to support children through their development and engage their imaginations as well!

    All Studio Circus Products 
  • Tenderleaf

    Tenderleaf create exciting worlds of imaginative wooden toys, that are made to last with a lifetime of love. They strive to continuously develop their selection of charmingly quirky products, that are engaging, tirelessly entertaining, and perfect for little hands.All their toys meet the safety standard EN71, ASTM and AS/NZ ISO.

    All Tenderleaf Products 
  • Tickle Tots

    Tickle Tots is a UK based reusable nappy comany started by a mum in Shropshire. Ticklet Tots has the environment at it's heart, from the products themselves, to the materials, packaging and supply chain. The unique registered designs alls tart life as hand drawn illustrations inspired by her children and rural surroundings.

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  • Tikiri

    Tikiri are a family run business and their toys are handmade and hand painted in Sri Lanka. They aim to promote a child's physical development and are made from 100% natural rubber and ethically sourced organic cotton. They are the first ever natural rubber toy company to be awarded GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard).

    All Tikiri Producs 
  • Toby Tiger

    Toby Tiger originated in Brighton over 20 years ago and is well known for its bright colours, fun appliqué and timeless designs that can be worn again and again. Their clothes are all made from organic cotton which is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified and they are proud to be free of any animal by-product.

    All Toby Tiger Products 
  • Turtledove London

    Turtledove London are a unisex brand. Their collection is a mindful antidote to fast fashion and fast living and is made from organic cotton fabrics with Azo free dyestuffs. They specialise in beautiful gender neutral pieces which are perfect for passing down as their designs have a timeless appeal and a simple colour palette.

    All Turtledove London Products 
  • Viking Toys

    Viking Toys is a family run business that specialises in eco-friendly toys. Each toy featuring the Viking Toys’ colourful logo is designed and manufactured with care and love.The Ecoline combines Viking Toys’ timeless design of durable non-toxic toys with an oil-free, plant-based, recyclable material made from sugar cane!

    All Viking Toys Products 
  • Wild Tribe Heroes

    Based in Cornwall, Wild Tribe Heroes author Ellie Jackson writes true story children’s picture books, highlighting environmental issues in a positive and gentle way, with happy endings and ideas for the future. She has received personal letters of support from David Attenborough and King Charles. The books are printed sustainably in the UK and the supersoft toys are made from 100% recycled materials.

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