5 Activities To Enjoy With Your Little One

Playing and interaction is the most important way that children learn and develop - from babies right through childhood. We are going to share 5 different activities that we love sharing with Immy, that you can enjoy with your little one.

1. Playing with dominoes. 

We love playing with our domino set - whether we are looking at the numbers and counting, or matching the animals like you can see in these images. Dominoes are ideal for developing your little one's fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as they have to pick up the small pieces of wood and move them to exact spots. 

4 images of a toddler playing with wooden dominos with animal pictures on them

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2. Messy or sensory play

We use our tuff spot for a range of messy/sensory play and the adjustable legs means it is growing with Immy. Sensory play encourages learning through exploration, curiosity, problem solving and creativity. It's an excellent way to encourage your little one's development of language also. 

A selection of images showing sensory and messy play in a tuff tray

Here are a selection of toys that are ideal alongside messy or sensory play: 

Tikiri dinosaurs (perfect for wet/messy play)

Tenderleaf wooden animals (perfect for dry activities)

3. Making music

Music supports all areas of child development and it helps the body and mind work together. Exposing children to music helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. More than listening to music, creating music helps little ones to develop an understanding of cause and effect, fine motor skills as well as rhythm and rhyme. 

A display range of musical instruments

View our range of musical instruments here

4. Reading books

Reading books and sharing stories with your little one has an incredible range of benefits right through childhood. Books teach your little one about communication, builds listening, memory and vocabulary skills and also gives them information about the world around them. More than this, reading books with your little one can provide them with comfort, security, relaxation, happiness and fun. This is a wonderful activity which can start from birth and continue right through childhood. 

Image of a book and matching turtle toy

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5. Puzzles

 Puzzles help to develop memory skills as well as problem solving skills. Immy loves puzzles - both building the picture and seeing the image and the enjoyment from completing the puzzle. We began with simple puzzles like the Jumini farm animal puzzle and we have gradually moved to more complicated puzzles. 

2 images of a small child playing with two different puzzles (one farm animals, one under the sea)

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